Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Non-Medicare Patients

Non-Medicare Patients

A non-medicare patient is a person visiting or residing in Australia that does not currently have a Medicare card. As a non-medicare patient you can be treated in our outpatient and inpatient services both through Emergency and also as an elective patient. The Women's and Children's hospital offers a wide range of services to both women and children seeking medical assistance.

Without a valid medicare card all these services are chargeable to the patients' health fund or where no valid insurance is available then the patient will be responsible for these costs.

Due to the hospital providing a wide range of services for non-medicare patients it is advisable to contact the Patient Liaison Officer prior to attending Women's and Children's hospital so are you are fully informed of the costs. It is also advisable to contact your health fund to ensure you are financially covered for the period you would be attending the hospital.

For further information please contact the Patient Liaison Officer during business hours on:

Phone: (08) 8161 6753
Phone: (08) 8161 8902
Pager: (08) 8161 7000 #4370

last modified: 23 May 2016