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Antenatal visits

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Antenatal visits

You should allow 2 - 3 hours when you come to antenatal clinic appointments. It is important that you always bring your Pregnancy Hand Held Record.

Ask your partner or support person to come to antenatal visits and discussion groups and to be present for the birth of your baby

If you are in the early stages of your pregnancy it is most likely that a midwife will see you the first time you visit the Hospital. If your pregnancy is further advanced, or if you wish to participate in shared care with your GP, you will also see a doctor.

Your first visit with the midwife will involve:

  • recording some personal details, your medical, obstetric and family history
  • receiving a Pregnancy Hand Held Record which is the health record for your pregnancy
  • calculation of the estimated date your baby will be born
  • discussion about the choices you have for the type of pregnancy care and birthing options
  • discussion about parent education classes and physiotherapy services
  • discussion about general health issues
  • assessment of your need for referral to other services
  • discussion about screening tests during pregnancy.

Your first visit to the doctor will involve:

  • reviewing your medical history and any other important information
  • having further discussion and making a decision regarding the most appropriate option of care for you
  • having a medical examination
  • answering any questions or concerns.

At each visit your doctor or midwife will assess the progress of your pregnancy, provide you with relevant information, answer your questions and, with your permission, perform routine tests.  Your midwife or doctor will record information in your Pregnancy Hand Held Record.

Community antenatal care services expanding

WCH is expanding antenatal services into three new community sites in north eastern Adelaide:

  • Trinity Gardens Children's Centre, in Trinity Gardens (Thursday clinics)
  • C.a.F.E Enfield Children's Centre, in Enfield (Wednesday clinics)
  • GP Plus Super Clinic Gilles Plains, in Hillcrest (Tuesday clinics).

Women planning to birth at the Women's and Children's Hospital will be able to attend antenatal services provided by experienced Women's and Children's Hospital staff in a family friendly community environment.

This will ensure a continuity of care with us through your pregnancy to birth, and is in line with SA Health initiatives to provide healthy women with services in the community rather than attend visits in a hospital.

Other community sites include:

  • Ocean View Children’s Centre, in Taperoo;
  • Thebarton Midwifery Outreach Service, in Thebarton;
  • Cowandilla Children’s Centre, in Cowandilla; and
  • Parks Community Centre, in Angle Park.

Appointments can be made by phoning the Women's and Children's Hospital on phone 8161 7590.

Women requiring medical care will be seen at the Women's and Children's Hospital.

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last modified: 27 Jul 2018