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DCSI Child-Related Employment Screening

All non-WCHN staff and students involved in a research project or audit at WCHN and who will visit a WCHN site or access identifiable information of WCHN patients who are children must provide the WCHN Research Governance Officer with evidence of a current Link iconDepartment for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Child-Related Employment Screening clearance.

All non-WCHN students and researchers are required to provide a valid DCSI Child-Related Employment Screening and WCHN HREC Confidentiality Agreement prior to being granted authorisation to commence research at a WCHN site.

Non-WCHN staff and students are not authorised to be on a WCHN site or access the identifiable information of WCHN patients who are children without first being granted authorisation by the WCHN Research Governance Officer.

Compliance with these requirements is required by South Australian legislation and WCHN policy. Failure to adhere to these requirements will lead to very serious consequences.

DCSI application forms

Applications must be made on the Link iconDCSI Child-Related Employment Screening form, which must include information relevant to the study-related activities performed at WCHN.

The DCSI Child-Related Employment Screening form can be lodged by the researcher through the Australia Post Office.

DCSI clearance to work with children is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Once cleared through the DCSI Screening Unit, please submit a copy of the valid DCSI Child Related Employment Screening to the WCHN Research Governance Officer.  If you submit an original copy, it will be returned to you as WCHN does not keep originals.

  • Please note that National Police Certificates or clearances from other jurisdictions will not be accepted as they are not the equivalent of South Australian DCSI Child-Related Employment Screening.

last modified: 15 Jul 2016