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General information on the submission of documentation to the WCHN Human Research Ethics Committee

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General information on the submission of documentation to the WCHN Human Research Ethics Committee

The WCHN Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) requires both an electronic PDF submission, via email, and TWO signed hard copies of all documentation for review.  This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • The Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) form, protocol and accompanying documents
  • Audit applications
  • Responses to issues raised by the HREC
  • Study amendments
  • Extension requests and
  • Relevant safety reports such as Serious Adverse Events (SAEs), Serious Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSASs), Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) reports etc.

General requirements of submission

  1. A cover letter should be provided explaining what is being submitted and listing all documents (including version number and date).
  2. An electronic copy of all documents is to be provided in three PDF files, namely:
    • Cover letter, HREA application, protocol and Fee form
    • Participant Information Sheets and Consent Forms (if applicable)
    • Other documents (if applicable)

Please refer to the Word iconHREC Submission Checklist for guidance.

The PDF files should preferably not include scanned pages as all information should be ‘searchable’ where possible.

  1. The PDF files are to be emailed to – HealthWCHNResearch@sa.gov.au
  2. If the file size is too large to be submitted as one PDF file then it should be split into an additional PDF file, with the PDF file(s) labelled accordingly (part a, part b etc.). The cover letter should clearly indicate this. Documents not included in the PDF submission may not be reviewed, thus delaying approval.
  3. The TWO complete signed hard copies of all documents should be forwarded to:

    WCHN Human Research Ethics Committee
    2nd Floor Samuel Way Building
    72 King William Rd

Enquiries regarding submission may be emailed to: HealthWCHNResearch@sa.gov.au

Or telephone:

Mr Luke Fraser 08 8161 6521
Ms Mary Thorne 08 8161 6936

Applicants are reminded of the requirements for WCH page link iconResearch Governance review and approval before commencement of the research project.  Please contact the Research Governance Officer, Dr Carmel Murone on 08 8161 6688 for further information.

last modified: 20 Mar 2020