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Indemnification and Insurance

Research at the WCHN

Indemnification and Insurance

All research projects hosted by SA Health institutions involving SA Health or external staff and students must have appropriate insurance and indemnity.

The review of insurance and indemnity for research projects and clinical trials conducted at WCHN sites will be undertaken by the WCHN Research Governance Officer.

The provision of the Department for Health and Ageing's insurance is based on the researchers obtaining or maintaining ethical approval and ensuring that persons performing treatment or testing are qualified to perform such treatment or testing, or in the case of students they are appropriately supervised by persons that are qualified.

SA Health insurance does not include cover for deliberate breaches of confidentiality, wilful misconduct, or the misuse of information, fraud or similar risks.

Site Specific Assessment (SSA) form

The South Australian SSA form includes a declaration by the Principal Investigator regarding insurance arrangements for study personnel.

All relevant documentation (if any) must be included with the SSA submission.

Summary of requirements

The following is a general summary of the insurance requirements for research at SA Health institutions. Please refer to the guidance documentation for further information.

SA Health employees conducting a research project in the capacity of their employment with SA Health are automatically covered by SA Health insurance where approval from an accredited Human Research Ethics Committee has been obtained.

For research projects conducted by non-SA Health employees at a SA Health organisation that involves SA Health patients, staff, resources or data to support the research project, the Principal Investigator must provide appropriate insurance documentation on behalf of the non-SA Health organisation. Appropriate insurance documentation includes current insurance certificate(s) and written insurance approval from the non-SA Health organisation for the research project. These requirements include research projects conducted by staff and students of academic and research institutions.

For research projects sponsored by a third party, including commercially sponsored clinical trials, the sponsor must supply evidence of its insurance cover. A sponsor's insurance cover must indemnify the local site, investigator and research staff, and participants involved in the research project.

For all commercially sponsored clinical trials, the Link iconMedicines Australia Form of Indemnity for Clinical Trials - Standard must also be submitted to the RGO. The details of WCHN as 'the Indemnified Party' must be entered exactly as follows:

Women's and Children's Health Network Inc. ABN 64 021 748 126 of 72 King William Road, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006

Guidance documentation

The following guidance documents are available on the Link iconSA Health Research Governance web site:

It is recommended that researchers check these guidance documents before making an SSA submission as they may change over time.

last modified: 14 Apr 2016