Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Neurogenetics Research Program

Neurogenetics Research Program

Identification of genes and understanding of molecular mechanisms leading to intellectual disabilities, autisms and some epilepsies represents a challenge of significant medical importance.

Our research seeks to further our understanding of human brain function through the identification of genes and characterisation of their naturally occurring mutations implicated in various disorders of the brain intellectual disability and epilepsy in particular. With a broad range of state-of-the-art human genetics and genomics skills, the Neurogenetics team has discovered or contributed to the discovery of more than 50 different genes.  

Led by Professor Jozef Gecz, the Neurogenetics Research Program is complemented by a large number of national and international clinical and basic science collaborators, and is currently funded by NHMRC Program and Project Grants and Senior Research Fellowships, a MS McLeod Fellowship, grants from the WCH Foundation and the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation and philanthropic funds.

Current research

The four key areas of focus are:

Main projects

  1. Neurobiology of epilepsy (Supported by NHMRC Program grant, 2011-2015.).
  2. Identification of genes for X-linked intellectual disability (Supported by NHMRC Project grant, 2011-2013.).
  3. Understanding the role of UPF3B and NMD in the pathology of intellectual disability (Supported by philanthropic funds.).
  4. Identification and functional characterisation of a novel gene implicated in novel neurodegenerative disorder with severe axonal peripheral neuropathy, neurogenic muscular atrophy and optic atrophy (Supported by philanthropic funds.).
  5. A mouse model for Borjeson-Forssman-Lehmann syndrome (Supported by Channel 7 Research and the WCH foundation – M. Corbett.).
  6. Investigating the Cell and Molecular Neurobiology of USP9X (Supported by WCH Foundation – L. Jolly.).

Key personnel

Research staff

Professor Jozef Gécz, PhD
Laboratory Head
Phone (08) 8161 6339
E-mail jozef.gecz@adelaide.edu.au

Dr. Cheryl Shoubridge
MS McLeod Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Email cheryl.shoubridge@adelaide.edu.au
Head - Molecular Neurogenetics

Dr. Mark Corbett
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email mark.corbett@adelaide.edu.au

Dr Lachlan Jolly
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email lachlan.jolly@adelaide.edu.au

Dr Raman Sharma
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email raman.sharma@adelaide.edu.au

Evelyn Douglas
Medical Scientist
Email evelyn.douglas@health.sa.gov.au

Alison Gardner
Research Assistant
Email alison.gardner@adelaide.edu.au

Lynne Hobson
Research Assistant
Email lynne.hobson@adelaide.edu.au

Marie Shaw
Research Assistant
Email marie.shaw@adelaide.edu.au

Josh Woenig
Research Assistant
Email joshua.woenig@student.adelaide.edu.au

Chloe Shard
Research Assistant
Email chloe.shard@gmail.com

Renee Carroll
Research Assistant
Email renee.carroll@adelaide.edu.au

Postgraduate Students

Sonny Nguyen - "Understanding the role of UPF3B and nonsense-mediated mRNA decay surveillance in pathology of intellectual disability"
Email lam.nguyen@student.adelaide.edu.au

Stanley Tan - 'Understanding the role of PCDH19 in pathology of epilepsy & intellectual disability.'
Email chuan.tan@adelaide.edu.au

Claire Homan: “Neurobiology of PCDH19 spectrum disorder”
Email claire.homan@adelaide.edu.au

Gai McMichael: “The genetic determinants of Cerebral Palsy”
Email: gai.mcmichael@adelaide.edu.au

Honours Students

Lloyd Weir
Email lloyd.weir@student.adelaide.edu.au

Contact Information

Unit Head

Professor Jozef Gécz, PhD
Laboratory Head
Phone (08) 8161 6339
E-mail jozef.gecz@adelaide.edu.au


Neurogenetics Laboratory
SA Pathology
9th Floor, Rieger Building
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia

Mailing Address

Neurogenetics Laboratory
SA Pathology
Women's and Children's Hospital
9th Floor Rieger Building,
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006


Ph (08) 8161 6339

Fax (08) 8161 7342

Email jozef.gecz@adelaide.edu.au

Selected recent publications – for full list please refer to PubMed


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Prior to 2009

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Euro MRX Consortium

XLMR Update at Greenwood, SC USA

XLMR Update at Rome, Italy


We have a range of national and international collaborators who contribute significantly to our research projects. Among these are:

Prof. Gill Turner, Dr. Michael Partington, Dr. Anna Hackett and Dr. Mike Field, GOLD Newcastle, Australia

Prof. John Christodoulou, Sydney, Australia

A/Prof. Jamie Craig, Adelaide, Australia

Drs. Anne Voss and Tim Thomas, Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Hilger Ropers and his group, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Laurent Villard, Marseille, France

Dr. Lucy Raymond, Cambridge, UK

Dr. Charles Schwartz, Greenwood, USA

Dr. Dan Geschwind, UCSC Los Angels, USA

Prof. Miles Wilkinson, UCSD San Diego, USA

Dr. Barbara Bardoni, Nice, France

This is a research laboratory, which is currently funded predominantly by Australian NH&MRC. Grants include NH&MRC Program Grant (1x), NH&MRC Project grant (1x) and NH&MRC Fellowship (1x).

Other current funding bodies:

CAN (Cure Autism Now Foundation), USA

WCH Foundation, Channel 7 Foundation, SMILE Foundation, eResearchSA


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