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Welcome to the Women's and Children's Hospital Online Anaesthetic Museum.

The online museum is an attempt to show the many historical items stored at the hospital,
as physical space does not allow such a display.

The items are a combination of items used and donated to the Queen Victoria Hospital (for obstetrics and gynaecology) and the Adelaide Children's Hospital.
The two hospitals combined in 1989 to form what is now known as the Women's and Children's Hospital.
Dr Malcolm Newland was instrumental in labelling, storing, and describing the items at the Queen Victoria Hospital to enable their preservation. Items at the Adelaide Children's Hospital were not formally preserved, but located in offices, theatres, and in store rooms. In 2001, Dr Anthony Fisher began the process of locating, collecting, documenting, and presenting the items for presentation to the online museum stage. Doctors Johan Van der Walt, Ian Steven, Malcolm Newland, and Bill Fuller have been essential in identifying items, and often were able to describe their use from a first hand account.

The items on display in this museum are a selection of the more complete or interesting pieces. All actual items remain in storage and are labelled and databased to enable easy retrieval.


Doctors Malcolm Newland, Johan Van der Walt, Ian Steven

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