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Section 1 - Your Child in Hospital    273kb

Section 2 - Information on Cancer    131kb

Section 3 - Procedures   447kb

Section 4 - Your Child's Diagnosis   43kb

Section 5 - Treatment   773kb

Section 6 - The Family and Cancer   180kb

Section 7 - Cancer Support Services

Section 8 - Home Care Section   107kb

Section 9 - End of Treatment   80kb

Section 10 - Sources of More Information on Cancer   156kb


Individual Diseases

Childhood Cancer Information for your Family

all of the files in this box are PDF

Acute Lymphobastic Leukaemia 75kb

Acute Myeloid Leukaemia 87kb

Astrocytoma 64kb

Ependymoma 78kb

Ewings Sarcoma 68kb

Hepatoblastoma 60kb

Hodgkin Disease 85kb

Medulloblastoma 224kb

Neuroblastoma 70kb

Non Hodgkin Lymphoma 71kb

Retinoblastoma 72kb

Wilms Tumour 77kb

Osteosarcoma 60kb

Rhabdomyosarcoma 71kb

Severe Aplastic Anaemia (Haematology disorder not Cancer) 27kb


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