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Neurolog: A clinical neurological database and reporting system

Department of Neurology

Neurolog: A clinical neurological database and reporting system

Developed and used in the Neurology Department of WCH

NEUROLOG is a computerised data storage and report generating application developed by and for neurophysiologists. It operates in a MICROSOFT WINDOWS environment using simple mouse button-clicks, menu choices and limited typing to enter data in a user friendlymanner. You will accumulate a comprehensive and readily accessible record of patient demographics, test results, billing details and clinicalinformation. You will have an immediate ability to generate a range of neurophysiological reports. These can be printed and by usingintermediate soft-ware, electronically transmitted across computer networks. When used on a local area network you can share datawith co-workers reducing the need for replication of data recording. Each person on the network can have their customized view ofthe data with individual limitations on access to sensitive data.

NEUROLOG is designed using Paradox for Windows. (Follow this link for more information on programming with Paradox for Windows), a powerful flexible and robust database. It has features making it workwell on networks and flexible data security rules. Users can access data either by the extensive range of forms and reports providedwith NEUROLOG, by designing your own forms and reports, or by using the built in querying tools and automated presentation modesprovided with Paradox itself.

NEUROLOG comes with forms and reports for EEG and Evoked Potentials reducing bottle-necks in the out-put of reports. Data input issemi-automated such as in the recording of dates and doctors addresses and phone numbers and the input of standardized commentsand impressions. There are also forms and reports for generating summaries of previous patient results, statistical data on thenumber of tests performed, accounting details including automated test-fee input and billing letters, clinical information withcategorisation according to diagnosis and test results. There is a diary for information on patient attendance and future bookings.

NEUROLOG is backed by extensive programming to ensure smooth logical operation with minimal training for maximum productivity. NEUROLOG is used in the Neurology Department at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia and is the result of seven years of development by Mr. Paul Weston BSc Hons., the Senior Hospital Scientist in the Department who is available forfuture modifications and customisation of the Database to meet your future needs.

Paul F. Weston email: paul.weston@sa.gov.au


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last modified: 08 Apr 2016