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Craniofacial Unit

Australian Craniofacial Unit

The Australian Craniofacial Unit is dedicated to the humane delivery of health care to patients with craniofacial conditions, by pursuit of excellence in the clinical, scientific and educational disciplines necessary to advance the treatment of those so afflicted.

The fundamental purpose of the unit is to ensure that patients can ultimately assume a place in society with renewed hope and restored dignity.

The Unit was established in 1975 by Craniofacial Surgeon Professor David David to provide a service for South Australian, interstate and overseas patients.

In September 1988 the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council officially designated the Unit a National Centre of Excellence.

Craniofacial surgery is concerned with the treatment of patients with rare and/or complex congenital or acquired anomalies which together affect the head and face.

The Australian Craniofacial Unit treats people with a wide range of craniofacial disorders such as:

  • Distortion of the skull and facial shape (craniosynostosis)
  • Cleft lip and palate deformities through to deep facial clefts
  • Facial growth anomalies
  • Tumours which require removal followed by reconstructive work
  • Trauma cases that require reconstruction.

Some conditions are present at birth, while others, such as tumours and malignant growths, may develop in later life.

Many people require treatment and support from birth to adulthood. The Australian Craniofacial Unit treats both children and adults.

How to Access Our Service

Any person of any age who would like an opinion or is concerned about their facial appearance is eligible to attend the Australian Craniofacial Unit. A medical referral is required and may be obtained from your GP. Once this referral has been received an appointment or schedule of appointments is arranged.

last modified: 16 May 2011