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Ear, Nose and Throat Department

Ear, Nose and Throat Department

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Department (also known as Otolaryngology or Head and Neck) provides an inpatient and outpatient service for patients from infancy through to adolescence with disorders of the ears, nose and throat specializing in the evaluation and treatment of conditions including:

  • Ear conditions such as hearing loss, recurrent and chronic infections, ear injuries, congenital abnormalities (present at birth), and mastoid disease
  • Nasal conditions such as acute and chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction, and congenital nasal abnormalities
  • Throat conditions include throat infections (tonsillitis), enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids
  • Airway difficulties such as snoring, obstructive sleep disorders, breathing problems in newborns and young children, or more serious airway problems such as children with tracheostomies
  • Treatment of disorders of the ear, nose, throat and neck secondary to congenital and genetic disorders.

The WCH page link iconENT Clinical Practice Consultant works with those children who have complex conditions that require long term management such as children who have a tracheostomy. The department also has close links with the WCH page link iconAudiology Department.

How to access the service

Consultation is by referral either through General Practitioners, WCH Children's Emergency Department or other medical staff within the Hospital.

For emergency assistance, your child should be brought to the WCH page link iconWCH Children's Emergency Department for assessment.

Referring to WCH Outpatient Departments (General Practitioners)

The Admin Hub provides a central enquiries line for clients and a single facsimile number for all incoming referrals into WCH Outpatient Departments.

Criteria for referral has been developed to ensure GPs have the tools available to make informed referrals and our clinicians receive a comprehensive referral to ensure clients receive an appropriate appointment.

PDF iconENT Referral Guidelines (2.8Mb)

PLEASE NOTE:  Referrals to the WCH Emergency Department should be sent with the patient.  Emergency referrals should NOT be faxed to the Admin Hub.

  • Facsimile for referrals: 8161 6246
  • Enquiries and appointment booking line: 8161 7399


WCH page link iconDay of Surgery Admissions (DOSA)

  • Children and adolescents who are having surgery will present here on the day. The admission process involves a nursing admission, clerical admission and a review by an anaesthetist and sometimes the surgeon.

WCH page link iconCampbell Ward

  • Children and adolescents who have had a surgical procedure or are requiring an overnight stay.

WCH page link iconPaediatric Day Surgery

  • Children and adolescents admitted who have had a simple surgical procedure either under anesthesia or sedation requiring a day stay.

WCH page link iconRose Ward

  • A medical/surgical ward that provides care for babies from birth to 12 months.

WCH page link iconKate Hill and Newland Ward

  • Provides care for children with more complex surgical needs and has an average length of stay greater than 36 hours.

WCH page link iconAdolescent Ward

  • A medical/surgical ward that provides care for young people over the age of 12.

WCH page link iconDepartment of Paediatric Critical Care Medicine (DPCCM)

  • This area incorporates the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Paediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU) and manages surgical patients that require more intensive and complex care.

Information for Families

PDF iconAdenoidectomy (day stay)

PDF iconMiddle Ear Surgery

PDF iconNasal/Sinus Surgery

PDF iconTonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

PDF iconVentilating tubes (Grommets)


General Business: 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Contact Information

Unit Head

Dr. Sonja Latzel


Dr. Alethea Grobler
Mr. John Wood
Mr. John Ling
Mr. Mark Schembri
Mr. Michael Schultz
Mr. Leslie Shaw
Mr. Michael Switajewski
Mr. David Wabnitz
Mr. Ian Wong


Silvia O'Connor

WCH page link iconENT Clinical Practice Consultant  


2nd Floor, Good Friday Building

Mailing Address

Ear, Nose and Throat Department
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006


Phone: (08) 8161 6415

Email:  health.CYWHSENTSecretary@sa.gov.au

  • Dr. Grobler
  • Dr Latzel
  • Mr Schembri
  • Mr Switajewski
  • Mr Wong

Phone: (08) 8161 6575

Email:  health.cywhsentadmin@sa.gov.au

  • Mr Wood
  • Mr Ling
  • Mr Schultz
  • Mr Shaw
  • Mr Wabnitz

Fax: (08) 8161 6212

last modified: 22 Aug 2018