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Nutrition and Food Services

Nutrition and Food Services

The Division of Nutrition and Food Services incorporates the Department of Nutrition and the Department of Food Services.

The Department of Nutrition's highly qualified Dietitians provide clinical nutrition services including nutrition assessment, management and education for inpatients and outpatients of the Women's and Children's Health Network. The Department also offers group education for referred patients, and nutrition input to WCHN camps and cooking days for children with special medical conditions.

The Department has a strong commitment to contribute to the nutrition of the broader WCHN community, through partnerships in nutrition promotion programs and contributing to the expert knowledge base on maternal and child nutrition. Current activities include:

  • Training and education in nutrition for undergraduate nutrition & dietetics, nursing and medical students, other dietitians, WCHN staff, health professionals and community workers.

  • Nutrition promotion, in collaboration with other departments and organisations to promote breastfeeding for infants and good food for children and their families.
  • Nutrition research, in partnership with other organisations, in areas such as food allergies, childhood obesity and metabolic disorders.

The Department of Food Services provides high quality WCH page link iconmeals for patients staying in the Women's and Children's Hospital, caters for Hospital WCH page link iconstaff and visitors in The CafĂ© and Nic Nath Café on The Deck, and provides a functions service for meetings and events.

The Division of Nutrition and Food Services aims to be recognised as a leader and innovator in the nutritional care of women, infants, children and young people.

How to access the Department of Nutrition

A doctor will arrange for a Dietitian to see inpatients (people currently staying in hospital) who need nutrition assessment, advice and education.

Outpatient nutrition appointments are also available for infants, children and adolescents, as well as adult women clients of the Women's and Children's Health Network.

Referrals for children's outpatient nutrition consultations are only accepted from Women's and Children's Health Network doctors, or doctors accredited with admitting rights to the WCH. For women patients, referrals are also accepted from the WCHN Midwifery Group Practice and Birthing Unit midwives.

Please be aware that there may be a waiting list.

For enquiries:

  • Email:   Nutrition Administration Officer
  • Phone:   (08) 8161 7233 Fax: (08) 8161 7481
  • Location:   1st Floor, Reiger Building
  • Hours:   Monday to Friday, 9am -5pm

Resources and Publications

The Nutrition Department has produced a number of free or low cost WCH page link iconNutrition Resources, some are available online with others available from the Nutrition Department, 1st Floor Reiger Building, or the Health Information Centre, Ground Floor Reiger Building, near the Kermode Street entrance.

Nutrition Resources for Children Under 5

The Nutrition Department of Women's and Children's Health Network, have completed a project which involved the development of a number of resources around nutrition for children under 5. The project also involved collating high quality nutrition resources for children under 5 developed by a range of organisations on a variety of topics. These resources can be viewed and/or ordered WCH page link iconhere.


Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Contact Information

Manager, Division of Nutrition & Food Services:

Annabel Sweeney

Department of Nutrition Administration Officer:

Wendy Hanna
First Floor, Reiger Building, Women's & Children's Hospital, Women's and Children's Health Network.

  • Postal address:
    Nutrition Department
    Women's and Children's Hospital
    72 King William Road
    North Adelaide
    South Australia 5006
  • Ph (08) 8161 7233
  • Fax (08) 8161 7481
  • Email

Department of Food Services Customer Service Officer:

Deanna Livera
Second Floor, Gilbert Building, Women's and Children's Hospital, Women's and Children's Health Network.

  • Postal address:
    Food Services Department
    Women's and Children's Hospital
    72 King William Road
    North Adelaide
    South Australia 5006
  • Ph (08) 8161 6833
  • Fax (08) 8161 6465
  • Email

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