The first 48 hours

What to do at the time of death is often unknown for parents and families. When the death of their child is expected, many people want to know what will happen and what they need to do.

There are two legal requirements to fulfil; obtaining the death certificate and registering your child's death.

There is rarely a chance to discuss or plan when death is unexpected or sudden. When death is expected, it is okay to discuss with the health care team and/or funeral directors your questions or concerns before death occurs.

It may be important for families to know about organ donation. More information is available through the website:

The booklet, The First 48 hours: after your child died, contains information for families, friends and support networks to get you through the first 48 hours and also contains information about how to access support in the longer term:

PDF iconThe first 48 hours: after your child has died
– An information book for families, friends and support networks


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