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Information last updated 17 November 2022
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Breastfeeding support for every mother

Nikki and emma news feature
CaFHS News
Posted 4 Aug. 2022

Breastfeeding is truly a wonderful thing and may look different depending on your breastfeeding journey.

It has so many health benefits for both mum and bubs, it’s free and mothers can breastfeed anytime and anywhere!

Nikki’s daughter, Emma was 3 months old when Nikki realised she needed more milk than she was producing. Nikki began to worry that she wouldn’t be able to breastfeed her baby any longer.

Nikki called the Parent Helpline and spoke to a child health nurse who agreed that it sounded like a supply issue and suggested to weigh Emma at her nearest Child and Family Health Service (CaFHS) clinic.

“I was feeling so overwhelmed and upset, and then the CaFHS receptionist received a last minute cancellation and child and family health nurse, Cathy, was able to see me right away.”

Nikki remembers CaFHS nurse, Cathy asking, “Have you ever heard about supplementary feeding?”

Supplementary feeding occurs during a breastfeed, when a thin tube is fixed alongside the nipple containing supplementary nutrition in addition to the breast milk. This encourages baby to feed for longer which stimulates the mothers own milk supply.

Nikki was shown how to use and clean the supplementary feeding system and took one home to use with Emma.

I want other mums to know that there are different breastfeeding options available out there if they want to continue to breastfeed too.

We’re happy to hear that both Emma and Nikki are doing well and continuing to breastfeed with supplementary feeding, as pictured. Thank you to Nikki Hastings Photography for capturing these amazing moments.

If you need any support with your baby's feeding, book into the CaFHS 'Breastfeeding in the early months' virtual parenting webinar, visit the feeding page on the CaFHS website or read more about the Women’s and Children’s Hospital breastfeeding support.