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The Women's and Children's Hospital is located on the traditional lands for the Kaurna people, and we respect their spiritual relationship with their Country. We also acknowledge that the Kaurna people are the custodians of the Adelaide region, and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this website may contain images, voices and names of people who have passed away.

The WCH has two public car parks. There is also on-street parking spaces in the vicinity of the hospital, and emergency drop-off and pick-up zones on the WCH campus. Disability car parking spaces are available in the car parks and adjacent streets.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital has two public car parks:

  • The Medical Centre Cark Park in Kermode Street, next to The Memorial Hospital and adjacent to the pedestrian crossing
  • The Rogerson Car Park, with entry from Brougham Place (via the Emergency Department roadway).

Medical Centre car park

  • Height clearance 2.05 metres
  • Hours of operation 4:45am – 10:30pm, 7 days

Monday to Friday (casual parking)

  • 0–1 hour $6.00
  • 1–2 hours $9.00
  • 2–3 hours $11.00
  • 3–4 hours $13.00
  • 4–5 hours $14.00
  • Over 5 hours $19.00

Saturday and Sunday (casual parking)

  • 0–1 hour $6.00
  • 1–2 hours $9.00
  • 2–3 hours $11.00
  • 3–4 hours $13.00
  • 4–5 hours $14.00
  • Over 5 hours $15.00

The car park operates on a fully-automated system, requiring parkers to pay for their parking via a pay station on returning to the car park to collect their vehicle. The pay station is located on the ground floor of the car park near the lifts. When a ticket is validated, the parker has 15 minutes to exit the car park.

Note: the pay station does not accept 5 or 50 cent pieces.

Motorcycles, motor scooters and bicycles are prohibited in the car park. Parking fines apply in this area.

Weekly parking permit

Parents and carers of long-term patients can purchase a weekly parking permit (Weekly Ticket) for the Medical Centre Car Park from the Transport Services Department at a cost of $45.00 per week, which allows for 7-day entry and exit during the opening hours of the carpark (4:45am – 10:30pm, 7 days).

Note: consumers who are staying with a patient in the hospital may leave their vehicle in the car park overnight if necessary.

The Transport Services Department is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm, excluding public holidays. Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard. If the car park is full, you will be required to wait in line until a space becomes available. On busy days the waiting time can be extensive.

Please note: Weekly Tickets are only available for purchase during Transport Office Hours. The Transport Office is closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

An information sheet is available from the Transport Services Department.

More information including fees and exemptions are available on the metropolitan hospitals car parking web page or please contact the Women's and Children's Transport car parking officer for exemptions at our site.

You can contact the Transport Services Department on or 8161 6081.

Disability spaces in the Medical Centre Car Park

If the car park is full, people with a disability parking permit issued by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure can contact the Transport Services Department on 8161 6081 between 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday and a staff member will arrange access and provide an entry ticket.

Rogerson car park

Brougham Place, North Adelaide (off the Emergency Department roadway)

  • Height clearance 2.1 metres
  • Hours of operation 6:30am – 11:00am, 7 days

Casual car parking rates

$19.00 per entry (pay before you enter and automatic exit 24 hours). Maximum continuous parking is two days. The car park is under CCTV surveillance and fines apply.

Street parking

On-street parking in the vicinity of the hospital is often available however these parking spaces are often limited to 2 or 3 hours. Adelaide City Council regularly monitors on street parking in the area and expiation notices (fines) are issued for exceeding the allowable time limit.

Traffic and parking restrictions during Adelaide Oval events

There may be temporary road closures and traffic congestion in North Adelaide around the Women's and Children's Hospital during events at the Adelaide Oval, including concerts, AFL games and cricket matches.

You should be prepared for potential delays, and in an emergency call 000.

Please obey all traffic signs in place before and after any events, and talk to a Traffic Marshal in an emergency if you need an alternative route to get to the hospital.

Families and patients presenting to the hospital during these times, should drive to the Rogerson Car Park (off Brougham Place), as there may be possible parking shortages and traffic congestion at the Kermode Street Car Park.

Visit the City of Adelaide website for information about temporary road closures and parking restrictions during events held at Adelaide Oval.

For more information about upcoming events visit the Adelaide Oval website.

Emergency parking

There is a 15-minute drop-off area in the courtyard, near the Emergency Department ambulance entrance.

This area must only be accessed for dropping off patients who require treatment at the Emergency Department. Patient collection is not permitted in this area.

Parking fines apply in this area.

Picking up patients

There is a 15 minute drop-off and pick-up zone at the front of the Queen Victoria Entrance, located between Sir Edwin Smith Avenue and Brougham Place.

Delays may occur when patients are being admitted or discharged so please ensure that your vehicle is only brought to the zone when the discharge process has been completed. The drop-off and pick-up spaces are scarce and this area must be able to be accessed in a fair and equitable manner by those in the most need.

Parking fines apply in this area.

Disability car parking spaces around the hospital

There are disability car parking spaces located inside the Medical Centre Car Park and Rogerson Car Park.

The Adelaide City Council has provided 2 disability car parking spaces in Kermode Street near the entrance to the Hospital and 7 spaces in Brougham Place

Expiation notices (parking fines on the hospital site)

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital is incorporated under the Health Care Act 2008 ('the Act') and operates under by-laws pursuant to section 42 of the Act. The by-laws have been approved by the Minister and were confirmed by the Governor.

The by-laws seek to maintain public order and regulate traffic. Offences against the by-laws may be liable to a fine, which may be expiated by an expiation fee. Offences against Part B – Public Order, including smoking on the hospital grounds, may attract a fine of $1000, expiated by a $200 fee. Offences against Part C – Regulation of Traffic may attract a fine of $200, expiated by a $50 fee.

The by-laws will be enforced by authorised officers. Authorised officers consist of members of South Australia Police, and any person or class of persons appointed by the Chief Executive Officers of the incorporated hospitals. View the by-laws here.

Free Public Transport for SA Health Workers

Special access to metroCARDs ‘go-live’ from 1 May 2023. This means to receive free public transport, you must validate your special access metroCARD on each trip you take (same as a standard metroCARD). You must also carry your valid SA Health/Hospital identification card. You may be asked to present both the metroCARD and your valid SA Health/Hospital identification card if requested by public transport drivers or ticket inspectors.

To register for a special access metroCARD, please complete the online registration form (link below). You will need to provide personal information so your metroCARD can be registered to you and printed with your name on the card. Once your online application is submitted, your application will be processed, and a card will be created for you. Your Car Park Officer will contact you when your special access metroCARD is ready for collection.

Please register for a special access metroCARD through:

The registration form will be sent to your Hospital Car Park Officer to co-ordinate production of the card with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.


This employee entitlement is limited to SA Health eligible healthcare staff in metropolitan hospitals under the employing authority of the Chief Executive, Department for Health and Wellbeing (DHW) in accordance with the Health Care Act 2008.