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Ask me to explain

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Ask me to explain

Ask me to explain

The 'Ask me to explain' campaign is designed to assist children, teenagers and caregivers to have staff explain how they can be involved in their care.  We encourage you to ask three questions at three critical stages of your care within the emergency department:

– What do I need to know about my child or me? [Diagnosis stage]

– What do I need to know about the treatment we have received? [Treatment stage]

– What is important for me to know about my child or me, when I leave? [discharge stage]

You will be provided with a folder which have the questions as a prompt and the folder has space to write notes and keep all other documents you  might be provided or collect, safe.

Why is Shared Decision-Making Important?

Shared decision-making is term that is used in hospitals and health care settings that empower you and those who care for you to help make the decisions. It implies that you are able, willing and allowed to make decisions that impact you. Our vision and number one priority in the Women's and Children's Health Network is to support all of our consumers to be informed and make decisions. Shared decision-making means you will work with your health care provider in a deliberate way to make decisions.

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last modified: 26 Apr 2021