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Group / Entertainment Visitors at the WCH

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The Women's and Children's Hospital has a fun and varied Children's Entertainment Program for patients, because entertainers and visitors can have a positive affect on patients and their families and are greatly appreciated.

In addition to the daily work of the Play Therapists on each of the major paediatric wards, we have regular visits from sporting identities, firefighters, the Police Link program, the Starlight Captains, Clown Doctors and celebrities. These activities provide a welcome distraction  and support to the young patients in our care. It also helps to provides stimulus to their siblings, who often spend long hours visiting the hospital with their families.

Often schools and other groups offer to donate their time to visit the wards. This is extremely thoughtful; however there are infection control and security procedures that need to be considered to protect the health, confidentiality, and safety of our patients.

We also have a strong focus on limiting external traffic through the wards, as part of our duty of care is to maintain a safe and therapeutic environment for patients and families, and to respect their privacy. It is also important to families that staff are not hindered in their duty to provide the best clinical service to patients in their care.

The health of the patients in our care is our priority. Busy clinical schedules and safety reasons may prevent us from fulfilling your request. Generally we cannot allow large school groups or other visitors onto the wards, but we may be able to facilitate your request in another way.

Please do not make contact directly with a hospital ward.  The Communications Department is available to assist you with organising your event and ensuring. that your visit does not clash with other organised entertainment or clinical schedules. It is also important that clinical staff are not distracted from looking after patients to respond to your request.

Thank you for your interest in visiting our Hospital.

For further information please contact the Communications Department on (08) 8161 8348 or email health.wchnevents@health.sa.gov.au.

last modified: 19 Dec 2017