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PED Health and Wellbeing Information

The following fact sheets, brochures and links are to support you and your child after your visit to the WCH Emergency Department.

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not all hospital services are functioning as indicated in the resources below. Please check with the WCH Switchboard (Ph. 8161 7000) if you are at home, or with WCH staff if you are already in the hospital.
For more information:

WCH page link iconWCH COVID-19 Information
    (WCH screening clinic, visitor restrictions, telehealth appointments)

WCH page link iconWCHN COVID-19 Consumer Resources

Addominal Pain

PDF iconAbdominal pain (stomach ache) – fact sheet

Link iconStomach ache (Raising Children Network)

PDF iconAdrenaline Auto-injectors – what you need to know – fact sheet

PDF iconAnaphylaxis – fact sheet (

Link iconAnaphylaxis – Fact Sheet for Parents in English and Other Languages

Link iconAsthma and Wheezing in the First Years of Life (NSW Multicultural Health
      Communication Service)

PDF iconAsthma Medications and Devices (Asthma Australia)

PDF iconBronchiolitis – DL brochure

PDF iconBronchiolitis: Breathing Easier at Home – DL Brochure

PDF iconCasts: Your child's cast (non-water-resistant) – Fact sheet

PDF iconCasts: Water-resistant casts – Fact sheet

WCH page link iconChild and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

PDF iconCold sores and gingivostomatitis – fact sheet

PDF iconColds (upper respiratory tract infections, or URTIs) – fact sheet

PDF iconCroup: Information for Parents and Caregivers – DL brochure

Crying babies

Link iconCrying babies (Raising Children Network)

Link iconShaken baby (Pregnancy, Birth and Baby)

Link iconPurple crying (National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, US)

PDF iconEczema (atopic dermatitis) – fact sheet

PDF iconEczema Care Plan (Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy)

PDF iconEczema: Topical steroids – how much do I use? (Australian Medicines Handbook)

PDF iconEczema: Wet Wraps for Older Children – fact sheet

PDF iconFever: Common misunderstandings – fact sheet

Link iconFever (Raising Children Network)

Link iconFever: Pain and fever medications (Raising Children Network)

PDF iconFever: Febrile Convulsions – DL Brochure


PDF iconGastroenteritis – DL brochure

PDF iconFluids for Children with Gastroenteritis – DL Brochure

Link iconCryptosporidium infection (SA Health)

Link iconGiardia infection (SA Health)

Link iconNorovirus infection (SA Health)

Link iconRotavirus infection (SA Health)

PDF iconHead Injury in Children – Information for Parents and Caregivers

PDF iconHead Injury: About the Child & Adolescent Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (CABIRS)
       – fact sheet

PDF iconHead Injury: What's happening to my child? – fact sheet

PDF iconHead Injury: Returning to physical activity and sport – fact sheet

PDF iconHead Injury: Returning to school – fact sheet

PDF iconHives (Urticaria) – fact sheet

PDF iconInfluenza (the flu) – fact sheet

Link iconInfluenza (the flu) (Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne)

PDF iconMesenteric Adenitis – fact sheet

PDF iconPneumonia – fact sheet

PDF iconPneumonia: Viral pneumonia – fact sheet

PDF iconPneumonia: EECU discharge instructions – fact sheet

Link iconRespiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection (SA Health)

PDF iconShort-term Steroid treatment – fact sheet

Link iconSkin infections – bleach baths (Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne)

Link iconStreptococcal sore throat (SA Health)

Link iconTonsillitis (Raising Children Network)

PDF iconTransient wheeze ("happy wheezer") – fact sheet

PDF iconWhooping Cough – SA Health fact sheet

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