Paediatric Outpatients Department

Paediatric Outpatients Department

Paediatric Outpatients is an area of the hospital set aside to provide a pleasant safe and welcoming environment for children and their families.

The staff consist of nurses, a plaster technician and administrative assistants who work permanently in Outpatients alongside doctors and allied health professionals. We all work together to ensure an efficient high quality service.

We provide the rooms for the various clinics to be held.

The Paediatric Outpatients Department manages the bookings for:

WCH page link iconGeneral Paediatric Surgery
WCH page link iconNeurosurgery
WCH page link iconPlastic Surgery
WCH page link iconUrology
WCH page link iconEar Nose and Throat Surgery
WCH page link iconOphthalmology
      Contact Lens
WCH page link iconNeonatal eye checks and Orthoptic work ups
      Neonatal Outpatients
WCH page link iconEndocrinology and Diabetes

WCH page link iconOrthopaedic Surgery
WCH page link iconDermatology
      Infectious Diseases
WCH page link iconGeneral Paediatric Medicine
WCH page link iconRheumatology
WCH page link iconAllergy
WCH page link iconPaediatric Gynaecology

The following clinics are held in the Outpatients area but bookings are
made in the specialty departments:

WCH page link iconGastroenterology
      Pulmonary Medicine /Cystic Fibrosis
      Queen Victoria Growth and Development

WCH page link iconPaediatric Rehabilitation
      Burns dressings and scar management
      Bone Dysplasia / Genetics
      Allied Health

WCH page link iconAustralian Cranio Facial (these clinics are held in the Australian Cranio Facial Unit)

How to access the service

We cannot make an appointment unless we have received a referral.

The specialty doctors review our referrals. An appointment time is then offered, taking account of the clinical need of children.

Please visit our WCH page link iconFor General Practitioners page for referral information.

If your GP recommends your child to be seen urgently you should either come to the children's WCH page link iconEmergency Department or ask your GP to ring the registrar phone (08) 8161 7000 and discuss the clinical needs of your child.

Information for families

Except in an emergency you should visit your GP as a first course of action if you have any concerns about your child's health.

If your GP recommends that your child should see a specialist there are two options to discuss:

Option 1: to see a specialist in their private rooms

Option 2: to see a specialist at the WCH.

The waiting time for option 1 is usually shorter but you may have to make a gap payment. The reception staff in the doctor's rooms will be able to tell you the amount of of gap payment.

Option 2 means you will not have to make a gap payment but you may have to wait a considerable time for an appointment.

If you decide to see a specialist at the WCH your referral needs to be faxed or posted to us. Please read carefully all information sent to you and bring any previous related test results or x-rays to your appointments.

Research Activity

The WCH has an international reputation for research. Being a teaching hospital brings the opportunity for hospital and university staff to work together and ensures that our patients benefit from the latest developments in research.

You may be asked to consider assisting with the Hospital's research by allowing your child to participate in a clinical trial or other research study. We appreciate your participation but understand if you prefer not to do so.


Telephone booking may be made between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Clinics operate between 8.45am and 5pm daily.

Contact details

The Admin Hub
Phone (08) 8161 7399


General Clinic area 1st floor Rogerson Building

Fracture and Orthopaedic Clinic ground floor Clarence Reiger Building

Mailing address

Paediatric Outpatients
Women's and Children's Hospital
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006


Phone (08) 8161 7399

Fax (08) 8161 6246


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