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The Department of Paediatrics at the Women's and Children's Hospital (WCH) is involved in research projects aimed at improving the health of all individuals. VIRTU, within the Discipline of Paediatrics, has been involved in immunisation research since 1997 and is recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in clinical trial conduct. The multidisciplinary group includes doctors, nurses, scientists and research staff who all specialise in immunisation research. Clinical trials carried out within the unit include licensed vaccines, new vaccines and combination vaccines. VIRTU is part of the WCH, a facility of the Women's and Children's Health Network and is affiliated with the University of Adelaide.

"Australia is at the forefront of vaccine research".

The Importance of Research – VIRTU's vision:

 "To conduct vaccine trials to develop safe and effective vaccines that can be introduced into the community to prevent many childhood diseases leading to improvement in children's overall health and wellbeing".

 "Doctors, Nurses and Scientists are working hard in the fight against infectious diseases".

Preventative medicine such as vaccines are taken for granted today, they are all thanks to important research discoveries of the past. It is through vital research that major breakthrough have occurred in preventing and eradicating debilitating diseases. Together we can make a difference in improving health for everyone.

Why Participate In a Trial?

Participants in clinical trials can have an active role in improving their own and their children's health through participating in research. In addition participants are actively contributing to the health of others as well as themselves, being involved in medical research.

VIRTU is recognised nationally and internationally for its abilities in conducting clinical trials according to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines particularly in the area of new vaccines and immunisation research. In addition, research has included studies of vaccine preventable disease incidence, community attitudes and expectations for the introduction of new vaccines and monitoring the safety of vaccines. VIRTU collaborates with other vaccine trial units within Australia and is part of the National Immunisation Research Network, established in 2006.

You may be reimbursed for your travel and parking expenses.

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