Gifts and Donations Gratefully Received

Donate to support the children, women and babies
in our hospital

Donating to the WCH

The Women's and Children's Hospital is extremely grateful to receive donations from individuals, businesses and community groups.

You can donate online to our hospital through one of our official fundraising charities.

Donate to WCHFDonate to Friends of WCH

You can also donate money directly to the hospital via the Donations Office on 8161 8348, or email us here with any questions.

The hospital is also extremely grateful to receive donations of certain items.

IMPORTANT CHANGES: Due to infection control, we only accept donations of BRAND NEW items and donations can no longer be dropped off at our main entrances.

If you have brand new items to donate, please call 8161 8348 or email

To help donors get the best results for our young patients out of their generous donations, please see:

WCH page link iconInformation about donating items to the WCH

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital recognises the significant contributions of our many partners who support us in providing the very best care to the women, children and babies of South Australia.

To become a corporate sponsor contact Corporate Communications on 8161 7164.
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