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Alternate contacts for research studies

For those researchers who collect and utilize alternate contacts the text below should be used in a separate form on which the details of alternate contacts are recorded along with a place for the research participant's signature. Alternatively, a modified version of the text below could be included in the study information sheet (with an accompanying clause regarding alternate contacts in the consent form).

Alternate Contact Form / Information Sheet Insert

The purpose of this form is to help researchers conducting the ___________________ study keep in contact with you throughout the study. Also, sometimes an opportunity exists to do further related studies. If you have said you would like to be informed about any further studies we would contact you to see if you were interested in receiving any information.

We recognise that people often change their telephone number and address, and therefore cannot be contacted by researchers.

To help keep in contact with you we are asking you to provide us with the names and contact details of persons who would be able to let us know your new contact details; these people are usually friends or relatives and are called alternate contacts.

If we needed to use one of the alternate contacts we would call them, explain who we are and that you were involved in a study and have given us their contact details so that they can put us in touch with you.


I understand that the alternate contacts I have provided may be used to contact me as explained in the information sheet for study related purposes.


last modified: 23 Feb 2021