Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Inpatient (day admission) Challenges

Inpatient (day admission) Challenges

Location:  Medical Day Unit, Level 2 Reiger Building

Time:  Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays

Staff:  Medical Day Unit staff, Allergy Registrar and Consultant staff.

What do we do:  Food and drug challenges Bee venom and allergen immunotherapy under medical and nursing supervision. There is a waiting list for these procedures.

Referrals:  a referral is required from an Allergy Specialist before a booking is made.


If you need to book in for a challenge call 8161 7266.

If you need to change an existing challenge appointment call 8161 8638.

If you need to confirm your booking call 8161 6606.

Cancellations for inpatient procedures should go to 8161 7714 (pre-admission co-ordinator)

For further information about what a challenge involves call 8161 7343 (Medical Day Unit).

last modified: 29 Mar 2016