Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide
Campbell Ward

Campbell Ward

Children and adolescents who come to the WCH for surgical procedures requiring an overnight stay will normally come to Campbell Ward following theatre.

Information for Families

Parents and caregivers

We welcome the involvement of parents and caregivers while your child is in hospital.

Campbell Ward shares a parents' room with the other Surgical Wards. The staff will show you where it is located. You may help yourself to tea and coffee. It is important for the children's safety that you do not bring any hot drinks into the ward areas at any times. There are also shower and toilet facilities available.

After you have dropped your child at the theatre complex, please report back to your child's post operative ward immediately. This is so that the staff can show you where your child will be placed after their surgery and allow you to give your contact details if you wish to leave the ward area and take a break. Leaving the hospital grounds is strongly discouraged whilst your child is in theatre.

Only one parent/caregiver may sleep overnight with their child. This is due to restrictions around the child's bed/cot. A sofa bed and linen is provided.

We recommend that you remain in the ward/parents' room until your child returns from recovery. If however you choose to attend the cafe before your child's return, it is advised that you have you mobile phone with you.

Please bring a spare set of clothing for your child to wear the following morning.

The Hospital does not take responsibility for theft or loss of valuables. Please do not leave your valuables unattended. 

Arrival and discharge

On arrival you will be shown your child's bed/room and the general ward layout.  A nurse will discuss the expected ongoing care for your child.

Children are usually discharged between 7:00am and 11:00am.

Beds and rooms are allocated on the basis of medical need, and not on the basis of public or private admission status. Private rooms are used for patients who require isolation for infectious reasons.

Caring for your child

Nursing staff will encourage your child to rest following their procedure.

The staff aim to settle children for the night from 7:00pm, depending on their age.

Services and facilities

The Hospital provides nutritious WCH page link iconmeals for childrenWCH page link iconMeals for parents and caregivers are available from the cafe.

Our play therapist is available Monday - Friday 7.30 - 3.30 pm to assist your child with play activities whilst they are in hospital. There is a large range of age appropriate games, toys, crafts, DVDs and activities in the ward for your child.

Every bed has access to a bedside computer, including free-to-air channels, internet and movies. These are free for children.

Visiting hours

Parents and carers are welcome at all times.  Other visitors are welcome between 10am and 8pm.  Please remind visitors that your child may need to rest. Please keep visitors to a minimum at all times.

It is recommended that other siblings and children do not visit for long periods of time, particularly if your child is very tired.  Siblings may be cared for in the WCH WCH page link iconcreche.

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