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The Gynaecology Unit provides a general gynaecological service for women, but has a focus on advanced endoscopic procedures.  Broad areas of service provision include early pregnancy assessment, management of menstrual disorders, contraceptive services, family advisory services, reproductive endocrinology including ovulation disorders, pelvic floor dysfunction and female incontinence of urine, colposcopy, management of menopause and a large number of other acute and chronic gynaecological disorders.

The Gynaecology Unit has embraced advanced endoscopic procedures over the last few years resulting in a significant reduction in the time patients spend recovering in hospital.  The majority of surgical procedures are performed as day surgery, but major surgery may require that women spend one or more nights in hospital.

Emergency gynaecology cases make up a large number of the women seen in the Women's Assessment Service (WAS). The Women's Assessment Service is a busy, 24 hour, seven days a week service which provides expert care for women experiencing reproductive and gynaecological problems, as well as women in labour and women experiencing problems during pregnancy.

The Gynaecology Unit also provides paediatric and adolescent gynaecology services for children being cared for within the WCH.

Reproductive technology services are also accessed through Fertility SA and Repromed and their collaboration with the Gynaecology Unit. 

The Women’s Physiotherapy Service provides a gynaecology pre-admission clinic, inpatient physiotherapy for all major gynaecology surgery and outpatient physiotherapy including pelvic floor classes, pelvic floor rehabilitation and continence services.  A referral for the Physiotherapy Service is required.

Within the Women's and Children's Hospital, there is also a small Private Practice for Gynaecology and Obstetric patients. This practice is serviced by three Specialists in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and one Specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine, Obstetrics. The practice is open to patients who have Private Health Insurance and Medicare. Any enquiries you may have regarding costs should be directed to the Admission Information Coordinator on telephone (08) 8161 6753.

How to Access the Service

To access the Gynaecology Services, for both private and public patients, you will require a referral from your GP.  This referral will state the nature of your visit and therefore we will be able to make the appointment with the appropriate Specialist.

For a public appointment, the referral needs to be posted or faxed to the WCH, Gynaecology Outpatients Department (08) 8161 6246, where an appointment will be made and an appointment letter posted to you. 

For a private appointment, please fax through your referral to (08) 8161 7654, enclosing your contact details, and one of our friendly staff will contact you directly to make a suitable appointment for you.  Please note, you will need to have private health insurance to be seen within this service.

Where to Locate Us

Our services are located in the Queen Victoria Building at the Women's and Children's Hospital.

The Gynaecology Theatres (QVOS) are located on the Ground Floor.

The Women's Outpatient Clinic and the Private Consulting Suite are located on the 1st Floor.

The Gynaecology Ward and the Women’s Ultrasound Department are located on the 2nd Floor.  Please check the ward site for visiting hours.

Already have an appointment?

Do you already have an appointment and are looking for some helpful links?

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PDF iconLletz Biopsy  (141kb)

PDF iconMirena IUCD  (140kb)

PDF iconImplanon  (140kb)


Contact Details

Unit Head – Dr Prabhath Wagaarachchi

Women's Outpatient Department – ALL Public Appointments

Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Phone: (08) 8161 7592
Fax:     (08) 8161 6246

O&G Private Group Practice – Private Appointments ONLY

Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm

Phone: (08) 8161 7635
Fax:     (08) 8161 7654

Email:  simona.scandurra@sa.gov.au and/or lucy.d'agostino@sa.gov.au

Mailing Address

Perinatal Medicine
Women's and Children's Hospital
1st Floor, Queen Victoria Building
72 King William Road
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006

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last modified: 11 Jun 2021