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Our aim is for you to deliver highly valuable, appropriate and effective education to your learners. We will work with you to turn your educational or training needs into engaging, interesting and comprehensive online educational programs. We can help you develop new e-learning programs, convert an existing program, or incorporate e-learning into a blended course structure. Our years of experience in designing and creating skills-based training curricula, educationally valid courses, health-worker learning modules, management programs and 'soft-skills' education mean that we can meet your needs.

We will work collaboratively with you and your team. You are the content expert, and we bring our professional expertise as educators, e-learning producers, photographers, video producers and graphic designers to create scalable, standards-compliant solutions designed specifically for intranets, internet, computer screens or mobile devices.

We can also help design and implement tools to monitor the progress and learning outcomes of your learners, and provide evidence of completion in the form of reports and certificates for your record-keeping needs.

Examples of our work

Link iconBloodSafe e-Learning

A national blood transfusion safety and quality improvement program. With more than 32,000 registered users, promotion by all Australian states and territories and a funding grant of $1.1 million dollars this program is reducing the risk for patients who require a blood transfusion. Using case studies, interactivity, best practice modelling, peer and expert education, it provides health professionals with the knowledge to appropriately prescribe, correctly administer and monitor a patient requiring a blood transfusion. Free registration required to access this course.

Link iconKeeping Families and Children in Mind

An e-learning resource to make health professionals aware of the impact on family members of mental illness and its treatment. Utilising the lived-experiences of consumers, carers and families, fictionalised narratives, interactive elements and evidence-based practice, this program assists workers to move towards a family focus in their practise. Free registration required to access this course.

Organisation Compliance training

Developed to satisfy corporate requirements for mandatory staff education these courses use video, case studies, reflective practice and best practice modelling to provide knowledge and skills in fire safety, child safe environments, use of personal protective equipment and managing difficult patients.

last modified: 19 Feb 2021