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Consumer Engagement - Person- and Family-Centred Care Charter

Consumer and Community Engagement

Person- and Family-Centred Care Charter

Our core business is the consumer and their family. Our promise to you is to uphold the following pillars of Person- and Family-Centred Care:

1.  Treat consumers and their families with dignity and respect.

This means we will:

  • Always introduce ourselves, so that consumers know our name and position.
  • Speak in a positive and relaxed vocal tone.
  • Respect the consumer's family context as an important aspect of care.
  • Always look for opportunities to work in partnership with consumers.
  • Make the consumer feel safe, supported and comfortable.
  • Explain healthcare rights and ensure the consumer and their family have understood what these mean.
  • Respect privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • Facilitate connection to supports within community.

2.  Communicate information clearly and openly with the consumer.

This means we will:

  • Give information about what services we provide and what consumers can expect from us.
  • Check that consumers understand what we are saying and explain all options of treatment.
  • Always provide an interpreter when required and double check for misunderstandings.
  • Ensure that consumers have enough information to fully understand their health situation.
  • Remember to explain the meaning of medical terms and acronyms, and minimise jargon.
  • Involve consumers in the formal handover of information from shift to shift and division to division.
  • Be honest about any misunderstandings and seek to remedy.
  • Actively welcome questions and feedback about consumer experiences under our care.
  • Always involve consumers and their family in handover and discharge decisions.

3.  Actively involve consumers in decision making.

This means we will:

  • Respect consumers' right to make decisions regarding their healthcare.
  • Support consumers to make informed choices by explaining all treatment options, the possible benefits and harms of those options and the likelihood of the benefits and harms to occur.
  • Answers and questions from consumers about the care we provide to actively engage them in decision making.
  • Provide respectful and thoughtful answers to consumer questions.

4.  Be positive and kind.

This means we will:

  • Be welcoming and keep consumer comfort a top priority.
  • Actively listen and ensure we understand the needs of the consumer.
  • Treat consumers in a calm and mindful manner.
  • Be considerate in our conversations with consumers and mindful of those who can overhear discussions.
  • Smile.


PDF iconPerson and Family-Centred Care Charter – poster (60kb)

PDF icon4 Pillars: Person and Family-Centred Care Charter – poster (692kb)

The above charter should be read in conjunction with our information on WCH page link iconConsumer Rights and Responsibilities and the WCH page link iconCharter of Healthcare and Community Services Rights for SA Health.

last modified: 06 May 2021