Volunteer Guide Team

The Volunteer Guide Team is based in the Information Booth and the Kermode Street foyer and will operate Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

The Guide Team is a welcome addition to the network’s Person and Family Centred Care approach, putting consumer needs at the forefront of how we work.

The Guide Team will enhance the consumer experience here at the hospital providing a warm, kind and positive welcome to all. Guides will inform consumers of hospital and local amenities and direct or guide consumers to their destination.

The Guide Team volunteers are easily recognisable wearing a bright teal coloured shirt with 'Volunteer Guide' embroidered on top left hand side of the shirt in white.

They also wear a purple volunteer lanyard and have ID's and name badges. They all have full access to all areas of the hospital.

What can the Guide Team do?

  • Provide a warm and friendly welcome to the Women's and Children's Hospital.
  • Inform, direct and guide consumers to their destination
  • Provide inpatient location
  • Provide outpatient appointment information
  • Carry consumer records when taking a consumer from one area to another
  • Direct and inform consumers how to provide consumer feedback.

The Guide Team volunteers cannot:

  • Carry bags and luggage
  • Carry children or babies
  • Push wheelchairs
  • Take patients from the ward or emergency to radiology.

Contact Information

Pager: 4782
Pager: 4783
Phone: Ext 16666